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What is "Expression of Interest"?

What is "Expression of Interest" (EOI) Service at A Photo Match?

It is a message service to establish interest of another member in you. All registered member on the website, male or female can send 'Expression of Interest' to members of the opposite sex. 

"Expression of Interest" is also known as EOI

When a male member sends an "Expression of Interest" to a female member, the lady receives a notification to her direct email address that there is someone interested in her. She can then view your profile and answer "Interested" or "Not interested".

Memberships for ladies are free on the website as well as answering "Expression of Interest".

Once a lady answered your "Expression of Interest", you will receive the answer to your EOI Inbox on the website. The answer will be "Interested" or "Not interested". If a lady is interested, you can then decide to purchase a subscription, which will allow you to email women through the site or download their direct contact information such as email address, phone number etc. Instant download of contact details is available on Platinum Plan.

"Expression of Interest" is designed to find out in a quick way if the lady is interested in you. The lady will give you a clear answer. If the lady answered your "Expression of Interest" positively, it means she has checked your profile and she thinks you may be the type of man she is looking for, and she wants to hear from you. You already know she is interested.

Please ensure you have a good photo in your profile and that your information is completed and recent on your profile page before sending EOI. All photos and profiles are manually approved for publication on the A Photo Match website. It takes less than 24 hours for any approvals.

All women on the website are looking for a suitable partner. Most women seek a particular type of person that they can spend the rest of their lives with, not just anyone, so they are selective in their responses. You are selective when you send your "Expression of Interest" to the lady. 

If a lady answered positively to my "Expression of Interest", is it a guarantee she will answer my emails? A Photo Match does not guarantee that all your emails to ladies will be answered, irrespective whether you have sent an "Expression of Interest" prior to sending an email or not, as all members are real people and we cannot guarantee what they are going to do. They may have met someone somewhere else. We at A Photo Match have no control over our members' responses, although we do ask men and women to be polite and answer all the emails they receive simply because it is the polite thing to do.

There is no guarantee that a positive response to your "Expression of Interest" is a guarantee of a positive response to your emails. It is a guarantee that the lady has viewed your profile prior to responding to your EOI. It is the only way she can answer your EOI is to view your profile and then click on the button "Interested" or "Not interested" in your profile. Ladies need to login to her profile on the website in order to respond to her EOI's. 

It is not uncommon that women do not respond positively to a letter after positively answering your "Expression of Interest". A percentage of women that responded positively to your "Expression of Interest" will not return emails or answer that they are no longer interested. The most common reason is that she has met someone else after she has responded positively to your "Expression of Interest". 

It is website etiquette to be honest in feelings towards other members. Female members are made aware in several places on the website and when a profile is approved, not to lead men on, and answer "No" if they are not interested. We request and expect members to be as genuine, honest and polite as possible. 

We request from members not to send generic letters. Normally the best results to letters will be when you respond to something that is relates to her that you have found in her profile. 

All Gold and Platinum members enjoy FREE unlimited "Expression of Interest" service. 

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