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Membership Plans and Prices

Sliver membership is free. When you register on the site, you are automatically granted Silver membership. 

Silver membership allows you:

  • Create your profile; 

  • Upload UNLIMITED photos; 

  • Create your List of Favourites. 

Once you registered for silver membership, you can respond to the emails you receive or write to other members without buying a subscription. In order to do this, you pay for email contact with a particular lady, $13 per UNLIMITED email contact through the site - send and receive unlimited mails to and from the lady. You can pre-pay several contacts in advance such as, $45 for 10 email contacts. Email purchase includes UNLIMITED emails through the site. Email purchase does NOT include viewing of additional photos, only Platinum members can view additional photos.

If you decide to upgrade your membership to Platinum, that will allow you to have the best experience with A Photo Match. You will be able to:

  • View additional extra-large photos of women; 

  • Send UNLIMITED Expressions of Interest

  • Contact women and exchange your direct contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers, Skype names etc. 

It is important to know there is no payment for mails sent or received on
You can upgrade your membership at any time and receive instant access.

Select your bulk value plan:

Select your bulk value Platinum Plan below, there are no hidden costs:



6 months $74.00 a month
billed in one payment of $444.00 - ONCE OFF

3 months $75.00 a month
billed in one payment of $225.00 -
Best value plan

monthly for 3 months $75 a month
billed monthly for minimum of three months at $75.00* per month 

Only Platinum members have:
  • UNLIMITED contacts (contact any woman on the site, as many women as you want).
  • Instantly download direct email addresses and phone numbers^ - email her or call her RIGHT NOW, don't wait until she logs into the site!
  • TOP of search results position in searches - MORE women will see your profile and write to you.
  • Platinum status icon.
  • ONCE OFF ALL-INCLUSIVE payment - no recurring billing, NO MORE TO PAY.

You will also have:

  • UNLIMITED "Expressions of Interest"
  • UNLIMITED emails
  • View all additional PHOTOS of women
  • Exchange direct contact details (email addresses, phone numbers, Skype and MSN names etc) and you can have UNLIMITED, FREE video dates and chat with women+ 

If you are not a member,
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Would you like to contact only 1 lady?
Open her personal page and click on the link "Email me", and then select the option to buy 1 contact credit for only $13. This will allow you to exchange UNLIMITED mails with the woman of your choice (or buy 10 contact credits for $45.00 to exchange UNLIMITED mails with 10 women).

Important: you will not be able to view additional photos of women or download their direct email addresses with the purchase of individual  contacts. These functions are only part of Gold and Platinum plans.

^ Where women made them publicly available
+ Via third party providers such as Skype, Googletalk, MSN etc, to which you can sign up free

A Photo Match Membership Plans, Prices and Costs

When you register on A Photo Match, you are automatically granted FREE Silver membership. Silver Membership allows you to create your profile, add photos and create your List of Favourites. You can also purchase individual contact for only $13, no subscription required, which will allow you to exchange UNLIMITED emails with 1 woman or 10 contact credits to exchange UNLIMITED emails with 10 women.

We also offer Gold or Platinum subscriptions. Current subscription prices and membership costs are as above.

Emails Are Free

All emails are FREE on A Photo Match. There is no payment for emails. If you wish to contact one lady, you only pay one-time low fee PER CONTACT and then you can exchange UNLIMITED emails with the women, $13 for UNLIMITED emails with 1 woman. 

We also offer bulk value subscriptions. No extra charges - all our fees are upfront. 

You CAN exchange your direct contact details with women, email addresses, phone numbers, Skype names etc,  and have unlimited free video dates and chat with women via third party providers such as Skype, Googletalk, MSN etc.

There is no reason to pay fortune in meeting Russian women and Ukrainian women. With A Photo Match you can meet some of the prettiest Russian girls and Ukraine girls. Our Russian girls and Ukraine girls are serious in finding a suitable partner for marriage. With A photo Match you will meet real women who genuinely seek a partner for marriage. Our prices make dating Russian women and Ukraine women affordable. You know exactly how much it will cost. There are no hidden cost. 

In selecting your plan, you can meet your special woman today. Our women are serious in meeting a partner and get married. 

Browse the ladies - Real Russian girls  


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