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Russian dating agencies and Russian Internet dating

This is a must read before deciding which Russian dating agency to join. This will help you to understand how Russian dating agencies and the Russian Internet dating industry on the internet works.

Russian dating agencies can be divided into two groups depending on the fees payable to the dating agency. Fees payable for service delivered by the agency determine the category for the agency. 

The two main categories of Russian dating agencies on the Internet are:

  • Pay for all service every time use a service such as email send and receive, telephone calls, translations etc
  • Pay membership and receive unlimited, unrestricted communication
  • Pay for all services Russian dating agencies

    Pay for all services Russian dating agencies are linked to a network of local agencies in Russia, Ukraine and other former USSR countries, who recruit and list women on the mother agency's website. These local agencies have total control over women's listings and communication; only local agencies can make changes to women's profiles and receive their mails; the women listed have no access to their own profiles or mails. The local agency makes photos and videos of women for submission to the mother agency. Women cannot delete their profiles either; they have to ask the local agency to do it for them. The local agencies are in total control of the woman's listings.

    Some local agencies list their female clients with several mother agencies, receiving commissions for mails their women receive, send and translated. The more duplicate listings the more money for the local agency. It works like this; you send a mail to a woman, that supposedly gets translated for the lady and you pay for translation. It is questionable if these letters really get translated. However there is no need for such a translation service because one can do the translation for free on the Internet. The majority of Russian and Ukrainian women can speak English well enough to be able to read mails. Scam website reported that most local agencies do not bother translating mails for women but simply correspond on their behalf collecting commissions for every mail sent and received. This communication can go for months and you are not aware what is going on.

    The local agencies also offer services such as live chat and video show for additional cost. No exchange of contact details are allowed between members at any time. Members are only allowed to use the service as offered by the mother dating agency and you have to pay for all communication with women, either per mail or per minute. The mother agency then pays commission to the local agency. Reports on the scamming websites stated that it have cost some members a small fortune. One member visited the lady he we supposedly corresponding with to find out from the local agency that the girl is not interested in meeting with him. It was established that the girl was never even corresponding with the member even that the local agency was involved in arranging the member's visit. The local agency then offered the client to meet some other ladies instead. 

    Membership dating agencies 

    Listings are accepted through local staff or online through the website. All listing is checked prior to publication. On membership dating agencies websites members have full access to their profiles, read and respond to their own mails, edit their profiles and able to hide or delete their profiles. There is no control or involvement by the agency. 
    In order to contact women, you pay a fixed subscription fee which includes free mails to all your contacts, which means you can send and receive as many mails as you want and you do not have to pay for translations with every mail. Every subscription allows you to contact many women and be able to talk to them freely, including exchange of direct contact details. There is no restriction; you can ask any woman for her direct email address, Skype or phone number and talk to her directly as often as possible. 

    This type of membership creates the opportunity to build a proper relationship without worrying about any further expenses. The relationship building is such a vital part of the whole process. Once one is confident that the relationship is what it suppose to be , then it is a good idea to have face to face contact though Skype or similar medium without paying any thing else. These memberships also include free expression of interest or cupid note. Expression of Interest or a cupid note is electronic note that is send to a member to find establish if the member is interested in you before starting corresponding with the member. 

    All these services on membership dating agencies websites are controlled by the member, and no commission is paid to any local agency. 

    Other services offered in the Russian dating industry

    Some of the Russian dating agencies can be either pay for all service when use or a membership agency but will then also offer additional services such as tours where you can meet hundreds of Russian girls during a tour. 
    Some Russian dating agencies are standard personal dating agencies. A variation is similar to personal dating website, but also offers you all different types of services such as; accommodation, city tours, etc. Some of these agencies offer to introduce more Russian girls if you are not satisfied with the one the one that came to meet, for an additional cost. 

    Services at A Photo Match

    We at aphotomatch.com are proud to be a membership dating agencies. It is proven that memberships dating agency works best for clients and is fair. 

    • There is no joining fee 
    • Subscriptions includes free Unlimited Emails; NO pay-per-email or pay-per-time costs
    • Direct contact with women; exchange all contact details
    • No Hidden Cost

    We do our best to provide the safest user experience for both men and women and we always strive to improve. We at A Photo Match are in Russian dating since 1994, one of the first. We started Russian dating with printed catalogues way back in 1994 and switch to a website in 1995. We have seen how Russian dating has change to where it is now. If you are interested in dating a Russian girl, view our girls. 

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