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Why Russian Women Want to Leave Russia

The days are long gone for the question "Why Russian women want to leave Russia" There was a time when it was an applicable question, still many may think it is applicable question why would Russian girls leave Russia and marry a foreigner? 

The short answer is: they don't. Russian girls don't want to leave Russia and marry someone from a different culture or a different country. 

It is true that many Russian women seeking men abroad, in personal ads and on the Internet. That does not mean Russian women want to leave Russia to marry someone outside Russia.

When seeking a partner, Russian girls have the same desire as any other girl. Choose country on the Internet and search for girls in that particular country. It is possible that you will find several websites with girls of that country that are seeking partners abroad. Russian girls are also seeking husband's abroad.

Most women, including Russian women, want to marry good men and have a normal family life and children and so do most women that seek a partner. However there are huge demographic disproportions in Russia with around 88 men for 100 women. It means 12% of Russian women have no chance to find a husband. 

Very often one will hear that a girl will say; "I do not like the men in my country". Russian girls will point the finger to alcohol abuse by men and that is the main reason that they are not fond of the men in Russia. Some other country's girls may say that she is not fond of the gambling habits of the men in her country. Some American men may say I do not like American girls. It is a well known fact that there is alcohol abuse in Russia. Many Russian girls would like to find men with sober habits and might think another country is a good option to search for such a man and so does many other girls from other countries in the world. 

The years shortly after perestroika in former USSR; there was a concern with westerners that Russian girls would leave their country, as there were some attempts from people to escape from communism. The reality was that some people tried to escape communism, but when communist was overturned and movement between countries became more open, but westerns still thought that Russian girls are trying to escape. The impression could have been that love is a secondary reason and the urge to leave a former USSR the primary goal. The truth is that Russian girls never really wanted to leave their family and country except for true love and a good man. 

It is the dream of most girls including Russian girls, to get married and have a happy family. Many girls dream about the wedding day, and fantasise about the wedding day since they are young. It is a dream of many girls to get married and have children, not to be rich and have a career. There is a desire for a dream to come true, find a suitable partner, but the question is where to such a man?

When searching for a bride abroad or vice versa, one will come across differences. There is no doubt that there will be difference. The lifestyle in the countries where one lives will differ from each other. That is not to say that one is worse off than the other except if one live in a third world country. The difference will be comparable between countryside and city life. It is not the difference in life style that makes a Russian girl looking for a husband abroad. No Russian girl wants to leave their country and family for a different lifestyle. The goal is simply to get married, have a husband, children and a family of its own. 

When talking about Russian girls, it includes Russian girls from Russia and all former USSR countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. After perestroika all these countries became independent countries but many Russian remained in these countries, many see themselves as Russians or refer to by others as Russians. 

Only imagine leaving your country, leave your family and friends behind and moving into an unknown country to start a life all over? Nowadays women all over the world including Russian girls are willing to do that when looking for a partner abroad. The desire to get married and have children has made women including Russian girls to look outside their country for a suitable partner. 

The most important reasons why Russian girls are looking for someone abroad in modern Russia are:

  • The demographic disproportions in Russia with around 88 men for 100 women. It means 12% of Russian women have no chance to find a husband or never marry. 
  • The desire as a woman to marry and have children. 
  • Unacceptable cultural drinking habits of many Russian men.
  • Unchanged women's liberation.

Perestroika is often argued to be the cause of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the revolutions of 1989 in Eastern Europe, and the end of the Cold War. It is many years since 1991 when USSR dissolved and influence from outside had some shift in Russian culture especially in the cities. In the communist days the USSR was considered as the most educated country in the world. Since then education levels have changed but women's liberation changed very little if any. 

Russians has always studied English at school but during the communist times had very little opportunities to speak English. What they have studied has become absolute and Russians has found it very hard to communicate in English after the communist area. In the modern Russia English is more freely used and Russian girls' English communication skills are on a different level. The result is that the expression of feelings happens much easier and the cultural difference gab has narrowed as a result of better communication skills. 

Over the years the stigma for a Russian girl in finding a partner abroad has disappeared. After communism Russian girls have communicated in secrecy until she was sure that she has find an ideal partner, then would have revealed it to her family and friends that she have fell in love with a foreigner and that she will be leaving Russia. Nowadays the stigma in finding and marry a foreigner is something of the past. It happens all over the world and parents are glad when a daughter found the man of her dreams. 

At one stage in the early 2000's these type of Internet dating was refer to as mail order brides. Some people may still refer to some Asian brides as mail order brides because of the way that they develop a relationship and the support of her family after marriage. The arrival of the Internet has changed the way of dating forever and in the same time created the opportunity to date people from somewhere else. 

Over the years Internet dating has changed. In 2005 the Marriage Broker Regulation Act was introduced in United States. It requires people to disclose personal information about them. So far it is the only country in world to introduce such an Act. However one state in Australia requires that dating agency register and obtains a licence before they are do business. On the bottom of the page is a link if you would like to read more about Russian Internet dating.

If a Russian girl could find a man in Russia she would rather stay in Russia. Russian girls do not want to leave their families and country to marry a foreigner. No girl would like to leave their country and family to marry someone outside her country. There might be some adventurous girls, but the majority of Russian girls would prefer to find a husband in Russia. 

Girls would like to get married and have a happy family, because that is a woman's highest value. Girls' desire is to have a happy family with a good husband and children. Russian girls have the same desires. This is why Russian women are prepared to leave Russia if they find a suitable partner. The value of marriage and family is high for Russian women. Russian girls are prepared to immigrate to reach their goal and not the other way around. When they have made the decision to join a dating site on the Internet then they are serious in finding a husband abroad. 
Many Russian women join an international dating website in the hope that they will find a suitable husband. Some Russian girls met men in their county after they have joined an international dating website on the Internet. Only some Russian women would only want to marry a foreign man. If a Russian girl could meet a good man in Russia, who would be a good husband, she would never think twice and stayed in Russia with such a man. All women want to marry good men and have a normal family life and children.
Very often professional women are interviewed. They achieved top results in their careers, young and successful. There was very little time for love life, or a change to develop a proper relationship. When asking what else they desire to do in their lives, they will respond that the greatest desire is to start a family. Russian girls are not unique in their search for a suitable partner. It is the desire of most women. 
We at A Photo Match are in Russian dating since 1994, one of the first. We started Russian dating with printed catalogues way back in 1994 and switch to a website in 1995. We have seen how Russian dating has change to where it is now. If you are interested in dating a Russian girl, view our girls. 

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